Watching television!

Bad mood and lots of free time today But,  just didn’t know what to do! I switched on the TV saying a hurray Will I feel better? I had no clue! What to watch? I looked at the remote in despair Finally,  decided to catch up with the current affairs! I tuned in to a […]

Meeting God!

भगवान तुझे मैं खत लिखता पर पता मुझे मालूम नहीं……. Have been reciting this beautiful bhajan for many months now. Today while reading a book a thought suddenly flashed in my mind. अगर भगवान का पता मिल जाए तो? What if I find the exact location of God? (In this age of GPS it is feasible […]

Peace: catch it if you can!

‘Where can I find peace? ‘I am ready to go to any extent to get that peace of mind’. These voices sound familiar; Don’t they?  Peace always ridicules us by saying,  ‘Catch me if you can! ‘  Tired of this hide and seek game?  Then your confusion is sure going to end here.. …😊 To understand the […]

Life has come a full circle!

“Life has come a full circle😃” When your son teaches you How to change the diaper of his little one You know that life has come a full circle😃 When you learn the art of holding a baby From your own baby You know that life has come a full circle😃 When your child comes […]

Prayer and pain

Once a man goes to a monk and says ‘I am feeling totally dejected and disappointed.  My health is not improving, my career is not exactly sky rocketing and nothing seems to be going right‘ He narrates all his pains and grievances (long list) to the monk in the hope of a quick fix solution. […]

Sun sets….. to rise again!

Sun rises in the east and sets in the west We know it by heart having read it in our text So who for God’s sake needs an attest? I find no reason here for any kind of quest! The rays of the rising sun look so brilliant and oh so bright Working tirelessly to […]

ओस की बूंदें

इन रंग बिरंगे फूलों ने कैसा किया है अद्भुत श्रृंंगार? ये नन्ही ओस की बूंदें मानो बन गई हैं इनका अलंकार! इनकी सुंदरता में भी आ गया है एक अलौकिक सा निखार! किन्तु ……क्यों दिखता नहीं इनमें लेशमात्र भी अहंकार? कदाचित फूल रहते हैं इन बूंदों से निर्लिप्त और अछूते बाहर से गीले पर अंदर […]